Serie Charter

GRA Serie Charter

With Series / track flights GRA provides the airlift required by inclusive tour organisers and cruise companies moving passengers to and from their holiday destinations.

We also provides serie sharter to service large corporations with charter corporate shuttles to transport their employees to and from international facilities.


We can promote your company in several ways, and personalise 

  • Head rest covers
  • Internal posters with logo or text
  • Logo on aircraft at entrance door

Should you have demands for any special needs, our operations support will deal with any individual situation, to ensure that you get your wishes and needs fulfilled. 


Trained and competent crews, a high level of information and emphasis on quality of service is the foundation to deliver beyond customer expectations. GRA conduct its own reviews and inspections in order to ensure regulation conformity and to identify areas where improvements are possible.

Contact us today to book your next charter on demand and let our dedicated Account Manager talk to you about the best charter options available.

GRA - Always all ways