We can at any time provide long term lease with our AIRCRAFT - CREW - MAINTENANCE - INSURRANCE.

We can support your operation and dedicate the aircraft to your operation if you should be challenged such as:

  •     Technical support in the event of an AOG
  •     Supplementing existing fleet capacity
  •     Scheduled maintenance
  •     Late delivery of new aircraft
  •     Crew Shortage
  •     Airline start-ups
  •     Counter-seasonal leasing
  •     Religious Pilgrimage ACMI flights
  •     Launching new routes / testing new markets

GRA provides ACMI solutions on short and long term basis.



Trained and competent crews, a high level of information and emphasis on quality of service is the foundation to deliver beyond customer expectations. GRA conduct its own reviews and inspections in order to ensure regulation conformity and to identify areas where improvements are possible. 

We have dedicated crew, technicians, and ops, to deliver the needed service to operate the aircraft anywhere in the world. Above all, however, is the passion in our team to find the best solution in the fastest possible time.

GRA - Always all ways